I love this video and what a great way to illustrate various leadership styles and to see the impact of what’s most effective.  Check it out!


What he so beautifully illustrates is the magic the comes when the conductor creates the space for the “players” to tell their stories collectively.   What I notice is that he points out several leadership skills/attributes that are important and we can apply to our own leaderships and approach to teams in organizations.

  • The importance of working with the individulas toward a common goal vs.  directing them with self-focused authority
  • Using people as instruments vs partners
  • Creating the space so that each individual can share his/her gifts
  • Empowering others to tap into their intuition about what they already know – they know how to do this
  • Focusing on the meaning of the work
  • Letting go of control in service of the group.  “Doing without doing”

I know there’s much more here and that’s just a start….  What did you notice?