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Leadership is Changing

As a leader, you already embody many of your unique strengths and you are likely aware of some of the obstacles that stand in your way from being your best self. You’re also very likely immersed in a complex organization that has its own dynamics and is in a state of perpetual change.

What’s the impact you want to make, and who do you need to be to create this new experience?

All leaders face moments when what worked in the past, no longer worked.

Those moments are more frequent and intense given the complexity and pace of change. Embracing a more senior role, leading a new initiative, or just wanting to create a new work experience, all require a fresh approach.



Coaching can accelerate your learning and development to be able to step more fully into who you are while navigating these milestones.

I wish my younger self had been given the opportunity to work with Heidi...

“…If that had occurred, there is no telling how differently my career would have developed…Thank you Heidi for giving me the tools to understand how others perceive me, providing me the strategies to better interact with leadership and my teams. Finally, you taught me that I have tremendous value and that it is not only okay, but essential, to take credit for my accomplishments – I will forever value our work and relationship.”


Chief Operations Officer, Regional Airport

Heidi Kraft has redefined coaching to be the ultimate art form...

“Empathetic and understanding of her clients needs, strengths and weaknesses, she manages to peel away the layers and get to the essence of their core. From the assessment, Heidi enabled me to to identify a path of consciousness in creating a plan of action that yielded results. I leveraged her talents during a turbulent time in my life which brought a light at the end of the tunnel sooner than expected. She’s a guiding light!”

Sales Director, Digital Publishing

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“One of the cornerstones of my approach with clients is to help them understand how they best learn and navigate change. We can no longer predict what will happen next or even the leadership behaviors that will be most critical for future success. I believe that successful leaders are present to who they are, experiment and learn, and act with purposeful intent.”


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