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Kraft Your Success empowers you to create the dynamic, thriving organizations, teams and leaders you need to succeed in the new world of work. We partner with our clients to focus on the kind of rapid – yet sustainable – results that enable you to build capacity and ingenuity to adapt to today’s complex, interconnected and fast-moving workplace.

While working with my own executive coach, I recognized that my deepest satisfaction came from building success for the people I coached and the clients I served



Heidi Kraft

Founder & Executive Coach

Prior to becoming an executive coach, I spent nearly two decades building a media strategy career in advertising agencies, culminating as a Senior VP, Group Media Director at global agencies, working on leading brands such as Microsoft, Intel and Intuit. I built teams from the ground up and launched dozens of global brands for clients.

Ad agencies are a wonderful space of brilliant, fun, creative minds that come together to explore break-through ideas and strategies.

I liked the energy and artistic freedom of the advertising world…but what I loved was mentoring others and helping them develop their potential.

On learning I had been an advertising executive, a coaching colleague once exclaimed

“Wow! An executive coach that comes from a creative industry? That’s rare!”

While that may be true, my advertising industry perspective has helped me develop a unique approach to coaching that carves out an “experiential container” so that my clients have the space to explore, test, try, learn and transform. When I see an opportunity that seems ripe for exploration with leaders and teams, I pull out innovate tools in that moment that can open up clients to truly transformational thinking.

It’s a nimble, intuitive coaching style that delivers

life – and work – changing insights.

“I’m passionate about helping leaders transform
to foster the kind of professional fulfillment that leads to healthy, creative and dynamic workspaces.


About Heidi

Why Work With Me?

Additional Credentials & Experience

Heidi Kraft holds a BA in Sociology and is a PCC and certified professional coach (CPCC). She’s a graduate of ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) as well as CTI’s Co-active Leadership program. Certifications also include Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), HoganiEQ9 (Integrative Enneagram), TiltTeam Coaching International (TCI), PDP Works, Enneagram (various courses), Foundations of Generative Leadership, Brain-based Results Coaching, Presencing Institute. Familiarity with MBTI, DISC and many other tools and trainings.

Heidi is also the Education Chair for the Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee (BAARC) where she has created and led the Bay Area industry’s first Mentoring program in the advertising industry – graduating 200+ advertising professionals within a 5 year time period.

She is also proudly dedicating her time as a Transformative Leadership Coach with How Women Lead’s “Women Leaders for the World (WLW)” transformational leadership training programs. Established by the Global Women’s Leadership Network in 2004, over 200 program graduates have gone on to start their own nonprofits, run government organizations.

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”

“…and while you can learn a lot from both the positive and negative role models around you, there is nothing that can replace spending concerted time and effort working on your leadership skills. I worked with Heidi for a few years in different roles at different companies, and gained much from our time together. She helped me master some simple basics that made me, and more importantly the people around me, happier and more effective. She provided helpful, outside counsel when experiencing conflict or concern, allowing me to navigate it, even change it, successfully. Heidi helps you understand what is working and how to exploit that. She also has a masterful way of helping you see blind spots and weaknesses and framing those in a constructive way.”



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“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”