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Empowering teams to navigate change, build skills, and foster healthy collaboration.


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In today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), if you want to have a fully functioning and fulfilling team, you need to do it differently. 

The Team Coaching model helps intact teams do just that.

Empowering Teams

The Team Coaching Model

Our process taps into the collective awareness of an intact team to deeply understand what’s working and what’s not.

Creating from that foundation of insight, dynamics are addressed helping to build awareness of each team member’s strengths and work style preferences as well as how the team operates as a whole.

By exploring the team through this lens, silos and misunderstandings are reduced and replaced by a sense of collective team ownership.

Team members become more inspired to contribute toward their clearly defined, common goals and reach the team’s full potential. From that heightened potential, teams are able to be more agile, flexible, innovative.

Creating the Workplaces of Tomorrow

The Team Coaching Model

Through this process, teams can expect to experience…


Agreed upon “rules of engagement” that help the team to transform and evolve on a continual basis.


Sustainable improvements to relationships and communication on a system-wide basis.


The development of a powerful sense of team spirit, which enhances organizational climate, productivity and retention.


Improved inter-departmental collaboration and co-creation through the reduction of “silos”.


The development of constructive conflict skills, leading to more rapid resolution and productive outcomes.


Increased positivity within the work environment, which supports sustainable productivity.


The capacity to increase the creative potential of the organization or team.

I’m passionate about helping leaders and teams transform to foster the kind of professional fulfillment that leads to healthy, creative and dynamic workspaces.


Heidi Kraft

Founder & Executive Coach 

While working with my own executive coach, I recognized that my deepest satisfaction came from building success for the people I coached and the clients I served.

That’s when I founded Kraft Your Success…
“The Team Coaching process was both gentle and provocative…
“The Team Coaching process was both gentle and provocative at the same time. The experience really helped me to shift my focus and to boldly look at our team’s quality of energy. I have even more appreciation for each team member as a result of their honesty and vulnerability in this session. Heidi was a brilliant guide throughout the experience.”



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“One of the cornerstones of my approach with clients is to help them understand how they best learn and navigate change. We can no longer predict what will happen next or even the leadership behaviors that will be most critical for future success. I believe that successful leaders are present to who they are, experiment and learn, and act with purposeful intent.”