As a leader, how are you navigating all of the uncertainty in the world?

Let’s face it: we have all learned plenty of lessons in the last couple of years about how uncertainty shows up. The pandemic launched us into a world of unknowns where all bets are off in terms of the world we used to know. We watched our companies give multiple dates to return to work. Those dates repeatedly shifted–along with the parameters of what “return to work” even meant. On top of that, The Great Resignation is impacting organizations.

But–it’s not all bad! I actually prefer the term “Great Re-evaluation” because of what all of this change and uncertainty has created: new opportunities for people to choose a better work–and life–experience for themselves. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires time for self-reflection about what really matters to you. It’s also important that you’re aware of the impact that decisions like “return-to-work” can have on others. And finally, it could be a chance to take a stand for what your version of “hybrid” working looks like.

How have you been taking a stand for what you believe? For what you want to create? How have you been showing up as a leader who stays true to yourself as you’ve been navigating all these complexities for yourself and your team?

What can you take a stand for today?