Enneagram Type 7 in Leadership

Enneagram Type 7

Your Path to Leadership Maturity

Type Talks with Leadership Coach Heidi Kraft

In this 10 part series, I’ll be exploring the path to Leadership Maturity for each Enneagram type.

Read on to learn more about the Enneagram Seven’s type tendencies including: Enneagram strengths, Enneagram likely blindspots, Enneagram Seven’s likely impact on others. And most importantly, understand the Leadership Coaching that can help this type on their Path to Leadership Maturity.

The Enneagram 7: Enthusiastic Visionary

You can often identify Sevens for their fun-loving, spontaneous and optimistic energy. They are typically strong innovators who inspire and engage others through their new and exciting ideas. They love sharing their vision of the future and are often able to easily able to connect the dots. Fortunately, they are also practical and productive and able to make things happen.

Leadership Impact on Others

  • “I’m excited about our team’s vision and all the possibilities.”
  • “It’s fun to be led by your infectious energy”
  • “I know I’ll never be bored as part of your team.”

Sevens can diminish their executive leadership presence by allowing their enthusiasm to get the best of them. They can seem ungrounded in their ideas or lacking a bit of a more mature, grounded, solid presence. Sometimes their quick pace and tendency to shift directions can make it hard for others to follow their vision. The team can suffer from churn.

Path to Leadership Maturity

Now, imagine you are a Seven that is aware of your tendency to always bring your enthusiastic energy.

Remember to breathe and ground yourself prior to communicating, interacting, and especially when sharing ideas. Your infectious energy and future focus are your strengths, but make sure you bring people along with you. Slow down and listen to what the audience is saying and make sure your communication reflects what’s important to them vs just the ideas you’re interested in. Sevens who read the room for appropriate level of enthusiasm and optimism and then bring them along on their journey are the Sevens who are on the path to being extraordinary leaders.


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I invite you to download my free E-Book, “Type Talks: Your Path to Leadership Maturity.”