Enneagram Type 6 in Leadership

Enneagram Type 6

Your Path to Leadership Maturity

Type Talks with Leadership Coach Heidi Kraft

In this 10 part series, I’ll be exploring the path to Leadership Maturity for each Enneagram type.

Read on to learn more about the Enneagram Six’s type tendencies including: Enneagram strengths, Enneagram likely blindspots, Enneagram Six’s likely impact on others. And most importantly, understand the Leadership Coaching that can help this type on their Path to Leadership Maturity.

The Enneagram 6: Loyal Skeptic

“Always be prepared” could be a motto for many Sixes. These leaders are brilliant at thinking about what could happen, which makes them good strategists and problem solvers. They are responsible, dutiful and loyal–unless they don’t have strong trust.

Leadership Impact on Others

  • ”I trust you’ve thought ahead about where we’re heading.”
  • “I appreciate the sense of psychological safety you create on our team.”
  • “I can depend on you to lead us.”


Sixes can get in their own way with their self-doubt, which can impact their self-confidence. They will often second guess themselves and also have a tendency to focus on what could go wrong. This can put them into a state of being more cautious or lacking the courage to take risks. From an executive presence standpoint, this can make the Six looks less grounded in their own beliefs and abilities. Their hyper-vigilance to what could happen can feel like these leaders are always focused on the worst-case scenarios, which can create unnecessary anxiety in themselves and others.

Path to Leadership Maturity

Now, imagine you are a Six who’s aware of the tendency to focus on the fear of ‘what could happen”.

Step into the courageous part of you, the truth teller. Remember that this part of you is as strong as or stronger than the doubtful one. Choose words that are more positive and inspiring vs what could go wrong. Be aware that your “edge” is likely fear/anxiety rearing its ugly head. Keep that in perspective. It’s just pointing you to what you want. Sixes that move through this experience by remembering past experiences where your strength, courage and confidence served you well will be the Sixes welll on the path to becoming extraordinary leaders.

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I invite you to download my free E-Book, “Type Talks: Your Path to Leadership Maturity.”