Enneagram Type 5 in Leadership

Enneagram Type 5

Your Path to Leadership Maturity

Type Talks with Leadership Coach Heidi Kraft

In this 10 part series, I’ll be exploring the path to Leadership Maturity for each Enneagram type.

Read on to learn more about the Enneagram Five’s type tendencies including: Enneagram strengths, Enneagram likely blindspots, Enneagram Five’s likely impact on others. And most importantly, understand the Leadership Coaching that can help this type on their Path to Leadership Maturity.

The Enneagram 5: Quiet Specialist

Fives love to understand. They focus on deep knowledge and are often seen as masterful subject matter experts. They are analytical, objective, and intellectually stimulating. This is the Leader as an Expert.

Impact on Others

  • “I trust the information you deliver and know it’s been well thought through.”
  • “I can always rely on you for an objective opinion.”


The love of facts and information can often be such a strong focus that this leader forgets or dismisses the importance of emotions and human relationships. This detachment, along with desire for privacy and preserving energy resources, can make people feel disconnected. Couple that with the Five’s, at times, struggle to convey information with simple language, and the audience may not feel brought along. In addition, the analytical mind of the Five can drive them to constantly seek more information and lead to analysis paralysis. Fives need to remember that not everyone is as private and needs time to process as they do.

Path to Leadership Maturity

Now, imagine you are a Five who is aware of your impact of your desire to retreat and preserve resources.

Take time to connect to your colleagues on a personal level and not just about facts. Push yourselves out of your comfort zone to share more personal stories–humor helps! Make sure to think about your audience (their style and needs) before presenting information so it resonates with the audience. Remember to try to use simple language and ask your audience to clarify their understanding. Fives that put these actions into practice are some of the Fives who are on the path to extraordinary leadership.

If this Enneagram type doesn’t feel like you, you’d like to confirm your type or your just curious, take the 1 minute Enneagram quiz!

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I invite you to download my free E-Book, “Type Talks: Your Path to Leadership Maturity.”