Prepare for What’s Wanting to Happen!

What a year it has been for many of us!  As with every year, I take a look at the year in review – the wins, gains, losses and disappointments – and most importantly, the lessons learned.   From a business perspective, 2011 has been a big year for us at Kraft Your Success.  We have new partnerships, new opportunities and a whole host of fantastic new clients.  Most importantly, I feel grateful for being able to do the work that I love and continuing to expand the vision of success that I see for so many people, teams and organizations.

As I was recapping the year in review, one of my accomplishments is having delivered yet another successful mentoring program with the Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee. We just graduated another amazing group of 20 advertising professionals in mid-December.  Part of the evening’s activities included listening to a few of the mentors share their career paths and stories with mentees that are just beginning their advertising career.  As I listened, I was struck by the themes and life/business lessons that were common within each story. They each shared not only the details of their ups and downs, successes and “failures”, but the lessons that they learned along the way.  They described their experiences authentically and vulnerably in a way that inspired us as the audience.  I listened with curiosity as the thought bubble in my head popped up with: “it’s almost like these experiences were “wanting to happen“.

Ah ha.  That was a huge insight for me personally, and also how I think about my clients and my business.

When I partner with clients or teams to help them achieve more success, it doesn’t always happen in the exact way they anticipated.  Sometimes, it takes longer for someone to get promoted or more effort to increase revenue.  Sometimes a team gets stuck as it moves through transition or a collaborative process becomes challenging. The progress often ebbs and flows as if it has a life of its own.

By viewing experiences through the lens of “what’s wanting to happen”, we are able to more clearly see the potential, the possibilities and the purpose from a larger perspective.  What’s “wanting to happen” is always out there and calls us each forth – if we are willing to pay attention.

As you move into 2012, ask yourself this question:  “What’s wanting to happen for me, my career or any other area of my life?”

Coming from this perspective allows you to take a step back, reflect, dream and potentially know and feel what’s next.  From that place, action becomes more clear, intentional and powerful. You may hit some bumps along the way, but if it’s wanting to happen badly enough, you’ll navigate up, over or around those bumps!

As you do, remember this:  Obstacles exist just to show us how much we want something. And if you need help getting those obstacles (or yourself!) out of the way, we can help!

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