Kraft Your Success by Proactively Designing Your Career Path

Career Resolutions:  What’s on your list?

by Adriana Trevino, Kraft Your Success Partner

The beginning of a new year is often a time when people reflect on the past year and make one or multiple resolutions.  Some familiar themes are related to health such as exercising more (I have to wake-up at what time to work out…4:30 a.m now?!), losing weight (ugh, still?!), or moderating the consumption of our favorite indulgences such as chocolate, beer, wine, or sugary lattes (Booooooo!).  Some people have elected more creative solutions such as travel more (to a location without cell towers or WiFi), learn more (Cooking, a foreign language, or a new instrument) play more (Angry Birds), or party more (remember, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” BUT what happens in your neighborhood bar could get posted on Facebook or You Tube).

Other themes may revolve around making more time for family, friends and our own work-life balance. This year, work, career path, and jobs are the number one concern of many Americans.  Regardless of our economy however, most working adults change jobs every 4 to 5 years during their career (maybe even more if you live in Silicon Valley!!).  That’s an average of 11 times in a working life-time!

Have you given thought to what you want or need from your job or career? Do you want a promotion, a new job, a career change?  Do you know where to start? We encourage you to make time to proactively design your career path or next steps.

Here are some basic steps:

1. Get clear on what you want – hire a coach to help you.

  • What motivates you to do what you do?
  • Is your work aligned with your values?

2. Research jobs / industries (within or outside your company), seek out contacts.  Network and connect.

  • What does your ideal job look like and does it exist?
  • Who do you know that can help you?

3. Organize/update your documents (i.e resume, Linked In)

  • What type of resume showcases my skills and experience best?
  • Have you created a clear career story of yourself through your documents and online presence?

4. Interview (formally or informally) and Follow-up

  • How well do you articulate your career story to interviewers?
  • What will you do to follow-up and stand-out from the crowd?

5. Evaluate and negotiate the offer

  • What is the total value of the offer?
  • What are your negotiable and non-negotiable items?

Like any new resolution, goal, or dream, you are more likely to succeed if you set a roadmap with deadlines and keep yourself accountable.

Yet, easier said than done!  The weight loss companies and health clubs increase the frequency of ads to promote their products and services at the beginning of the year.  Why?  Because most of us need an accountability partner when we set our goals or resolutions and decide to finally take action.

Let Kraft Your Success be your 2012 accountability partner!

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