Kraft Your Success by Taking One Step Toward What You Love

Last night I had the great pleasure and fun adventure of being part of the Heymonicab radio show on the topic of Getting Unstuck and how to discover what you really want. Monica can be described as an Aruveydic Practitioner, but she’s so much more than that.  She’s a saavy business women, smart, energetic and always thinking of new ideas.  She’s a health and wellness coach, an empathetic listener and has a strong passion to help her clients feel great about their mind, body and spirit.  She’s a recruiter, a designer, a expert in many fields and a soon-to-be-mom.  What do I mention all of this?  Because Monica is a great example of integrating many of her passions in her life and continuing to focus on what she loves most: making people happy.  In fact, when I first met Monica and asked her what she REALLY wanted to do when she “grew up” she said: I want to make millions of people happy.  She will and she does.

Why am I sharing this (besides wanting to share the  brilliance of Monica)?  Because in our crazy, fast-paced 24/7, on-the-go pressure filled life we often wait for the right opportunity or the right time to pursue what we really want.  Many of us know we aren’t doing what we love, but we tell ourselves that we’re lucky to have a job or the steady income. Some of us may not know what we want and so we tell ourselves that we’ll wait until we get hit by the spirit of insight and we’re crystal clear of what’s next.   Or we find other reasons to stay where we are.   After all, it can be much easier that way….sometimes.

Except when that aching pang of jealousy happens when you meet someone that’s living their dream or found their dream job.  Or you see someone with the idea that you had for a business 5 years ago, but they’ve made it happen.  Or your co-worker gets promoted to a role that they created for themselves and you never believed it would happen.

So what can you do?

One thing is to explore what you love to do.  There are some simple ways to do that that I mentioned on the call last night so feel free to listen here.

And then once you have even an inkling of what you want, take just one step toward it. Just one step. It could be having a conversation about a new area of interest, enrolling in a course or even just carving out some time in your schedule to have a conversation with your boss about an idea you’ve had for a while. Whatever it is, one small step could be the big step that you need toward what’s next for you.

Monica took one step a few years ago by exploring her interest in health and wellness and is now an expert in a whole new field.  She is living her purpose of making millions of people happy…. day by day.

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