Berlin Wall – A reminder about freedom and choice

I remember when the Berlin Wall came down.  I was in an Irish bar in Australia.  I didn’t believe anyone until I saw it on TV.  It seemed surreal.

Growing up in the U.S. with a father who had escaped from East Germany, I was always very aware of the impact the war and the wall had had in his life.   30 years ago or so my dad took our family to Europe for a month.  We spent about 2 out of  4 weeks of that trip in East Germany.  I remember it feeling like a lifetime.   As a young girl, I was fully aware of all the missing conveniences that they had in this part of the world.  No diet coke?  Huh?  This was tragic to a young teenager.  But more importantly, I remember the sense of numbness, sadness and lack of hope that I felt while being there.   Crossing the border into the West, our car was stopped and searched.  I was terrified that my  dad would be contained behind the wall.  They let us go and I will never forget the sense of freedom I felt when we crossed back into the West.  Apparently, I exclaimed that if I had to live there…that I’d jump off a bridge.  I guess it had a big impact on me.

So what was it about?  Freedom is a huge value for me.  I believe in the power of full expression and choice.  I believe that we all create our own lives and that comes from the ability to choose.  The most important step is identifying what you really want and then making conscious choices that are aligned with that vision.

I just started coaching a new client last week.  She hired me to help her find her career purpose – to find work that’s more meaningful and fulfilling.  At the end of our call, she said “Heidi, do you really believe it’s possible for me to find my dream job?   I was so struck by her question and was humbly reminded that often the vision of what we dream or hope or want or need seems out of reach.  Sometimes we forget that we have the power to choose.  That’s why working with a coach can be so powerful.  We hold the vision for you to take steps toward creating the life and work you want!

As I replied with “of course you can…. I know you will – if it’s what you really want”, she responded with tears and enthusiasm.  And hope.

What’s one thing that you can do today to consciously choose to create more of what you want in your life or career?

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