In my last article, we discussed “closing out” 2009 by reflecting on the year. This is a great first step.  But equally as important is the learning that comes from it and what you do with it.  These are the next critical steps to building more success.

Step 2:  Identify lessons learned in 2009.

List 6-8 lessons learned that you want to carry into 2010.

For example,

  • “I learned that I work best when I star t my day earlier.”
  • “I learned that I’m more productive if I schedule most meetings in the morning.”
  • “I learned to take more risks”.

This exercise locks in the learning from this past year and helps to set the intention for the next.

Make a commitment to reflect on these lessons on a regular basis.  Post them or have them close to your desk.  The more you remember what you learned, the more you won’t repeat the same mistakes and will reach your goals more quickly.

Ask yourself:  What are your key lessons learned that you want to carry forward? What’s your plan to make that happen?

More to come on building success in 2010.