Kraft Your Success by Choosing Consciously

There’s a lot of news that shocking in our world today and, of course, top of mind is the Tsunami that’s affecting thousands in Japan as well as the impact that it has on the rest of the world. What we expect in these times is that it’s in the news, it’s part of our conversations and it’s on our mind.  What I’m also noticing is the effect that tragedy has like this on the way that we think….. about our world, about our life and our work.

Daily posts on Facebook, Twitter other social media reflect this.  Many people aren’t just sharing the newest news, updates or videos about the Tsunami. They  are sharing the information with a desire to do something about it.  We are asking each other to help.  Some are actively calling each other forth to help make a difference in the world  and to people.  They are taking action.   Often it’s a conscious choice that’s driven by a desire that’s bigger than who we are in our daily world

I often look at situations through this lens:

Situation  ———>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Choice  ——–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Action

What’s the situation that we’re/I’m in?

What’s choices do I have?

How do I want to and/or how will I act according to what I really want?

This sounds simple and obvious.  But in our fast paced, result-oriented, 24/7 ,  overworked world, doesn’t it seem like we’re spending much of our daily focus and time on the situation and the response?    We get a project, we assess what it takes to get it done, then we act quickly to get it done.  We receive an email and we focus on the act of responding to clear it out of our in box.  We have our overwhelming to-do list and we focus on crossing off.   The goal is on the result.   Results are important.  The bottom line is critical.  Business is business.

But the difference between us and other mammals  is that we have this space in the middle that’s called “choice”.   This is one of the aspects that makes us human.   When we’re aware of what we really want and take the time to act based on that desire, our actions can make a bigger impact and leave us feeling more fulfilled.

I believe that a in a tragic situation like this our humanness stops and shakes us a bit.  It shapes and reforms us at least for a moment. In the times when things are rough for us emotionally or touch us on a deeper level, we have the opportunity to stop and ask ourselves what’s really important about what we’re doing.

Trying noticing how much time you pause to reflect on the choices you are making.  As you go through the day ask yourself:

Situation: What situation am I in?

Choice: How is what I’m doing today (not tomorrow) really aligned with my desires, my beliefs, my values?  What’s the big picture that I’m working toward?  What do I really want? What choices can I make from here?

Action: What actions can/will I take today that are aligned with my goals and desires.

You’ll see the difference in what you do and how you feel rewarded by it.

What daily practices do you have to help you make conscious choices?

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