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Workshops and group coaching are great way to bring value to several employees at the same time. All workshops include training as well as individual and group exercises that help participants explore and learn in an inviting and dynamic atmosphere. They are informative, experiential and interactive. Learning and action is created in a meaningful, yet fun way.

Creative, Custom Solutions

We offer custom design and delivery ranging from an individual one-off module to a 6 month leadership development program. We partner with you and your organization to propose and deliver the best custom solutions for your employees.

Group Coaching Topics

Group Coaching modules typically range from 2 hours to a half or full day and include a variety of topics such as:

Conversational Intelligence

Building Trust through Communication

Authentically Leading as Women

Tap into your full, powerful and feminine leadership

Maximizing Productivity

Increase your effectiveness in time management

Be a Leader of Your Career

Explore and focus on your career path & plan

Powerful Communication and Storytelling

Authentically communicate for influence and impact


Best practices for new-ish

Sample Leadership / Management Development Program:

“The Human Experience of Leading People”

This program is relevant to managers at all levels. From new managers to senior level.


  • 6 Group Coaching Modules
  • 1-2 1:1 Coaching Sessions for each Participant
  • Pre & Post Skill Evaluation
  • 1 Assessment Tool (PDP or IEQ9)

Module 1:

The Foundation: Your Authentic You

Module 2:

Coaching for Effectiveness

Module 3:

Communication and Conversational Intelligence

Module 4:

Creating Impact and Influence

Module 5:

Collaboration and Teamwork

Module 6:

Personal Responsibility & Ownership

I gained tremendous insight...

“I gained tremendous insight from the leadership development program with Heidi Kraft. The time and investment in soft interpersonal, personal and performance management skills will repay itself ten-fold on its return.”

Account Director, Advertising Agency

I'm excited about creating more positive interactions...

“Because of the leadership program with Heidi and Kraft Your Success, I have a much better understanding of my personality and communication style and how it affects my work relationships. I’m excited about creating more positive interactions with my direct reports as well as others I work with.”

Account Director, Advertising Agency

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