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Our changing world is moving at an exponential pace adding to the complexity in our connected, global and diverse workplace. 

As Peter Drucker said,

“One cannot manage change, one can only be ahead of it.”

What are you doing to prepare for 


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We offer innovative and custom Coaching solutions for Executives, Teams and Groups. Our mission is to empower leaders to lead from within with a keen eye on the future.

We help leaders and organizations who are being called to evolve and shift.

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Kraft Your Success empowers you to create the dynamic, thriving organizations, teams and leaders you need to succeed in the new world of work. We partner with our clients to focus on the kind of rapid – yet sustainable – results that enable you to build capacity and ingenuity to adapt to today’s complex, interconnected and fast-moving workplace.


We offer innovative, custom coaching solutions for…


A personalized approach to transforming leadership and career success.


A systemic approach to assessing teams and coaching to higher performance.


An interactive approach to coaching groups on various leadership and management topics.

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The journey begins with you! Leading from the inside out means getting clear on your vision, purpose and core values. From that foundation, leadership becomes more intentional and aligned with the impact you want to make. People who join us on this journey experience more freedom, creativity, connection and resilience in their work.

Heidi is a rockstar...

“We have accomplished a lot together and I know we will do so even more in the future. Though Heidi brings a lot of key strengths to her work as coach, the few I have found especially valuable are: 1) her passion and energy for her work and her role in partnering with her clients 2) her willingness to challenge me in a constructive way 3) her flexibility in style / ability to switch modes depending on my needs 4) her overall focus on us achieving results together.”


Director, Strategy & Operations, Google

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There’s a lot of buzz about the Enneagram.

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We offer innovative, custom coaching solutions for…

Leadership Maturity & Taking a Stand

Leadership Maturity & Taking a Stand

As a leader, how are you navigating all of the uncertainty in the world? Let’s face it: we have all learned plenty of lessons in the last couple of years about how uncertainty shows up. The pandemic launched us into a world of unknowns where all bets are off in terms...

Using the Enneagram as a Leadership Maturity Tool

Using the Enneagram as a Leadership Maturity Tool

Many of you may have heard about the Enneagram by now–it seems to be everywhere.  When I started studying it in my 20s, it was the “Ennea-what?” But now, I can’t seem to check my Instagram account or get on YouTube without seeing dozens of Enneagram quizzes, memes,...

Kraft Your Success By Leveraging Your Strengths

Kraft Your Success By Leveraging Your Strengths

"What are 3 things you do really well that differentiate you from others?" I asked my client last week. She is in a sales position in a technology company and is in the process of working toward a new leadership role. We were discussing how to improve her executive...

Does Your Brain Need a Vacation?

Does Your Brain Need a Vacation?

It was nearly 80 degrees in the city of San Francisco yesterday.  As one person mentioned in our phone call, "it's one of about 5 days a year where you want air conditioning in San Francisco". I worked from my home office all-day and felt the warmth come in through...

“Personal mastery is the discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively. As such, it is an essential cornerstone of the learning organization—the learning organization’s spiritual foundation.”



Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

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