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“After receiving a promotion into a managerial position, I worked with Heidi to make sure the transition from individual contributor to manager was successful. We worked on how to become an effective leader and coach with more skills in effective delegation and time management as well as how to enhance my executive presence. Stepping back on a regular basis to strategize about these issues and think through tools and techniques ensured a successful transition and has given me a significant career boost.”

Caroline, Management Consultant, San Francisco

“In the age of blackberries and power lunches; happy hour spin class and instant messaging, where long days and encroached-upon weekends are the norm, few of us take time at all to check in on our emotional health. Heidi did a fantastic job in helping me objectively look at how I was interacting with the zany world around me and where my interactions might have been holding me back or creating unnecessary noise or negativity. We were able to set goals for how I wanted ultimately to be showing up and then set strategies and establish the skills to make sure that that message was coming through my interactions in the world. What a difference it’s made in how people react to me and the richness with which I see relationships all around me. Thank you, thank you! I feel like I’ve added 20 years to my emotional life.”

Senior Analyst, Franklin Templeton, San Francisco

“Wow! I attended your “Maximizing Productivity” and yours was by far the best webinar I’ve attended through this association – and I’ve sat in on some excellent ones. It came at the perfect time for me, as I am going to start an MBA program fall while continuing to work full time (plus I have a two year old daughter and a husband).  I have heard many of the techniques you mentioned before, but you put them all together in such a compelling way that I dropped my BlackBerry and took detailed notes. Now that you’ve taught me how my brain is wired for short bursts of concentration, I think that I can plan each week out to accomplish a lot more and tune out the background noise.”

Charise – Quality Management Specialist
SAP Labs, Cambridge, MA

“I worked with Heidi Kraft to come up with a 3-5 year game plan for my career. It was incredibly helpful and emotionally rewarding to march through this period with Heidi’s thoughtful and insightful guidance, coaching and encouragement. Given her professional background, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match. I highly recommend Heidi for her professionalism, ability to pace her coaching to individual needs and help navigate to a fresh start with no regrets. Everyone deserves to invest in themselves. Your coach helps ensure the roadmap is reasonable and attainable.”

Marketing Director, San Francisco

“I have really enjoyed worked closely with Heidi over the past few months to explore my personal and career objectives and put actionable plans in place to move toward them. Heidi’s approach is very holistic and humanistic but practical – her focus is on helping professionals understand their true passions and then mapping them to their skills and expertise. Ultimately, her goal is to help her clients understand their strengths, conquer their fears, and achieve their career and personal objectives. These are lofty goals but through working with Heidi, I feel that I am well on my way to achieving them. I heartily recommend Heidi!”

Chief Operations Officer, San Francisco

“I sought Heidi’s guidance while exploring the next step in my career and evaluating several career paths. Heidi has a unique ability to help you identify your interests and passion and map those to career objectives that leverage your strengths and skill set. She is high spirited, enthusiastic and very passionate about helping her clients achieve their maximum potential both personally and professionally. Heidi’s personal approach, insight and guidance was invaluable in helping me stay focus and achieve the next step in my career. I highly recommend Heidi to anyone that is serious about maximizing their personal and professional potential.”

Director, Content & Digital Media, Equinox, San Francisco

“Heidi was able to help me identify something that was blocking my productivity. To this day, I still reflect on our conversation when I feel stuck. I highly recommend Heidi’s warm and intuitive approach.”

S – Social Media Expert

“I couldn’t recommend a better coach than Heidi! She is truly invested in her client’s needs and helps them to stretch their thinking and discover their unique dreams. Heidi has a unique style that is very comfortable to connect with. She is understanding, compassionate, supportive, encouraging and she keeps you challenged to think deeper and explore new areas. Her techniques and creativity provide an opportunity to have some fun along the way. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have had several life changes. I was given a promotion opportunity to work for a company in a location of our dreams. My husband and our children recently relocated and are thrilled in our new surroundings. Heidi helped me to listen to my inner voice and focus on what’s most important to me and my family to pursue our dreams. Thank you!!”

SVP, Learning & Leadership Development – Bank of America, Charlotte

“Working with Heidi allowed me to envision a future that I hadn’t considered! She is skilled at helping one discover their true passions and those areas that bring fulfillment in life. An excellent listener, Heidi heard more than the actual words – she picked up on the nuances, the enthusiasm and a myriad of other clues that helped me determine the direction I needed to be proceeding. I think Heidi’s services are invaluable as for someone exploring their purpose and passion in life and career.”

Jane, Media Director

“Heidi is an action oriented coach who will get you, keep you and support you in whatever in your life you want to focus on. She will make a difference in your life. She can coach you on your career as well as your general happiness. I can’t thank Heidi enough for the work we have done together.”

Real Estate Agent, San Francisco

“Heidi is very insightful; intelligent; focused; experienced; an excellent communicator and cares, really cares in understanding and assisting clients define and accomplish their goals and objectives. She quickly prioritizes the “pieces of a puzzle” thereby enabling her client to comprehend their problem while she guides the client through the solution process”. 

Joseph, San Francisco

“Heidi’s intuitive approach to coaching helped me become unstuck in an area that had I had been stuck in for over 20 years in just one session.”

J B, Los Angeles

“I came to a point in my professional life when I know I needed a career change, but I didn’t know where to start or how to begin. Heidi helped me evaluate my needs and gave me realistic goals to begin the “life change” I was so desperate for. She also held me accountable for my progress which gave me the push I needed to keep up the pace. Within 2 months from our first meeting I successfully quit my corporate job with enough free-lance work to keep me financially sound. I never would have been able to go through that change without Heidi. I honestly owe my new found sanity and happiness to her. Thank you Heidi!”

Interior Designer, San Francisco

“It’s been an absolute amazing experience working with Heidi. Her acute intuitiveness and excellent communications skills gives her an advantage to get at the heart of the matter very quickly. I’ve been so fortunate to have her guide me through this period in my life and never expected to have such astonishing results. Coaching really works!” 

Kath – Manager, Los Angeles

“The 3 hours felt like only 1 hour, with all of us not wanting the session to end, and wanting more. It was gentle and provocative at the same time. The exercises really helped me to shift my focus and to boldly look at our team’s quality of energy. I have even more appreciation for each team member as a result of their honesty and vulnerability in this session. Simon and Heidi were brilliant guides through this process – thank you, both!”

Manager, Sales Education and Training, IBM

“Heidi is very passionate about leadership and this comes through in her approach to teaching. I would highly recommend this to others and look forward to the possibility of more sessions with her in the future.”

Manager, Sales Education and Training, IBM

“I thoroughly enjoyed this time.  We were all able to step away from our usual mind set of our day to day routines, and focus on us, the E&T team as a whole. They were able to provide us a venue wherein we could openly discuss how we see ourselves as individuals, and as a member of the larger “system” as well. Most importantly, it was very reassuring throughout the morning how relaxed and open the environment was. It was easy to speak our minds, without being judged for it. Goes a long way.”

Manager, Sales Education and Training, IBM

“I have had the opportunity to attend two of Heidi’s speaking engagements. She is engaging, witty, and insightful. Equally as important, Heidi is well prepared and delivers her ideas in terms that are relevant to her audience. What I’ve found most valuable is that she provides tangible steps and exercises for making improvements in your career—and for your general well being. If you are looking for a compelling speaker who can inspire and inform, Heidi is the one to call.”

Renee, Creative Director

“I found the “Maximizing Productivity” seminar to be quite helpful, especially the portion on managing in a multitasking environment.  Many of the tips I received, discussed, and developed during the lecture I have employed to this very day. Not only that, they have helped me effectively manage a huge workload, improving not only my quality of work, but quality of life as well.”

Nick, Search Media


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