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  • Kraft Your Success by Starting Now!

    by • on Oct 14, 11 • in Coaching, Leadership, Productivity, Professional Development, Self Awareness, Time & Productivity • with No Comments

    Last week I had a meeting with a client who is challenged with something that many of us have in the current work environment:  difficult time focusing and getting all the work done.  Our development plan is to helping her with focus, clarity and simplicity in her approach to her performance, career goals and aspirations. One of the methods that I suggest, and have also used personally, is to work in 90 minute intervals.  This is something that I learned from a great book “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” by Tony Schwartz.The next day

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  • Kraft Your Success by Identifying What’s Really Important to You

    by • on Sep 6, 11 • in Career, Coaching, Leadership, Productivity, Professional Development, Time & Productivity, Uncategorized • with No Comments

    A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of speaking on behalf of the Professional Business Women of California (PBWC) on the subject of “Maximizing Productivity – Identifying What’s Really Important to You and Creating the Time and Space to Make it Happen” To my amazement and honor, nearly 1,400 people showed up! Earlier this week I sat down to focus on the first essential part:  “Identifying What’s Really Important to You”.  As I was thinking about how I work with clients and teams to help define what’s important to them, I got a

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  • Kraft Your Success by Maximizing Your Productivity

    by • on Jul 25, 11 • in Career, Coaching, Leadership, Productivity, Time & Productivity • with No Comments

    I’ve been doing a lot of speaking and training on the topic of “Maximizing Your Productivity” (for our upcoming webinar click here). To Kraft Your Success,  this means starting from a place of identifying what you really want and then creating the time and space to make it happen. I love it when someone approaches me after this session and is inspired to incorporate the session’s work into their lives and I can tell that they are more likely than others to make it happen. What sets them apart?  They have clearly defined what they

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  • We are human beings, not human doings

    by • on Jul 27, 10 • in Career, Creativity & Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Self Awareness • with No Comments

    In this crazy, fast-paced work environment that we’re all part of it’s hard to remember that the “how’ of getting something done can be just as important as the “what”.  We are, after all, human beings not human doings. But the doing takes over doesn’t it?  We rush around trying to get it all done.  We schedule, reschedule, check email, send email and go from meeting to meeting.  At the end of the day, we look at our to-do list and wonder:  What did I get done today? I’m posing that there’s another important question

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  • 3 Steps To Creating More Success in 2010: Step 2 – Identify Lessons Learned

    by • on Jan 6, 10 • in Coaching, Professional Development, Time & Productivity • with No Comments

    In my last article, we discussed “closing out” 2009 by reflecting on the year. This is a great first step.  But equally as important is the learning that comes from it and what you do with it.  These are the next critical steps to building more success. Step 2:  Identify lessons learned in 2009. List 6-8 lessons learned that you want to carry into 2010. For example, “I learned that I work best when I star t my day earlier.” “I learned that I’m more productive if I schedule most meetings in the morning.” &#

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  • Focusing your time: What’s really important to you?

    by • on Dec 14, 09 • in Time & Productivity • with No Comments

    I had the great honor of speaking to a group of senior advertising agency media executives at the iMedia Summit last week. The presentation was entitled:  “Maximizing your brain and energy at work.”.  The engagement and feedback around this topic was incredible.  No surprise, because we’re always trying to find ways to be smarter and more effective with how we spend our time at work (and in life).   But what struck me most was how many people talked honestly and humbly about how they’ve lost connection to what’s important in their work – simply

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  • Creating More Focus in Your Day

    by • on Nov 29, 08 • in Professional Development • with No Comments

    Multi-tasking? It’s becoming pervasive in our culture and in the work place. Our jobs seem to require handling multiple tasks at one time and our bosses and organizations often even encourage it. In fact, who has tried one of these tactics? Are any of these familiar to you? · In a large meeting, you place your blackberry or other device carefully under the table while you attempt to type and listen at the same time. Occasionally you direct your attention to the presenter or other employee in a very pensive, contemplative manner. While you know

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