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  • Kraft Your Success by Discovering What You Love

    by • on May 3, 11 • in accountability, Career, Career Transition, Coaching, Professional Development • with No Comments

    It’s weeks like these when I simply love what I do.  I get to help people find their dream work! Last week my client arrived “not wanting to look for a job” and in the  middle of our work she realized it was because she wanted to start her own business.  Our one hour meeting turned into a 2 hour brainstorming session which I was thrilled to extend because she was on FIRE with energy.  She walked out with a framework for an idea and the beginning of an action plan to begin investigating it

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  • Leaders Inspire Action by Asking “Why”. Why? Read on!

    by • on Feb 8, 11 • in Coaching, Creativity & Innovation, Leadership, Professional Development • with No Comments

    The other week I had a great conversation with a digital advertising industry expert, Adam Kleinberg of Traction. We shared ideas and thoughts on all sort of subjects like creativity, innovation, leadership etc.  It was an all around great conversation that left me inspired. He told me about how his recent approach of starting with “ why” had made a difference in his recent client meeting.   In fact, he  blogged about it. It reminded me of a Ted.com talk I saw by Simon Shrek that I found extremely thought provoking.   In it, Simon

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  • 3 Steps to Creating More Success Next Year

    by • on Dec 20, 10 • in accountability, Career, Coaching, Professional Development • with No Comments

    Ah….another year ends.  And so another one begins.  How great does it feel to start a new year with fresh ideas and new goals?  Here’s a simple exercise that I do each year for myself and with many of  my clients.  Remember it’s not just about bringing in the new….it’s also about letting go of the old.  Have fun and cheers to a great new year! Step 1:  Reflect on the past year It’s important to reflect on the past.  Learn from it, accept it, close it, celebrate it.  Do whatever it takes to “complete” the

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  • Steps To Creating More Success in 2010: Step 3 – Imagine The Year Ahead

    by • on Jan 13, 10 • in Career, Coaching, Professional Development, Time & Productivity • with No Comments

    In the last 2 posts we focused on completing 2009 and bringing the new learning to 2010.  Now it’s time to apply it! Step Three:  Imagine ahead to December 2010 Write a list of your Wins, Gains, and Breakthroughs for 2010.  This part is very important:  Be specific and write them as if they have already happened. For example, I have increased my income by x%. I developed better relationships with my team and retention is 100%. I landed the dream job I’ve been wanting and feel like I’m making a difference. I have at

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