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  • Kraft Your Success by Staying True to your Vision

    by • on Apr 2, 13 • in Career, Leadership, Vision • with No Comments

    A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference.  Wow!  What a powerful 4 days of thought leaders brought together around a common purpose and interest:  To explore how we can live with mindfulness, wisdom and compassion in the technological age.  I have attended Wisdom 2.0 for the past 3 years and yet this year seemed like a tipping point.  From a sheer numbers standpoint, the conference grew from 600-1700 which to me suggests the continued growing importance that people in organizations see in approaching business and leadership in

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  • Kraft Your Success by Taking One Step Toward What You Love

    by • on May 4, 11 • in Career, Career Transition, Coaching, Professional Development, Uncategorized • with No Comments

    Last night I had the great pleasure and fun adventure of being part of the Heymonicab radio show on the topic of Getting Unstuck and how to discover what you really want. Monica can be described as an Aruveydic Practitioner, but she’s so much more than that.  She’s a saavy business women, smart, energetic and always thinking of new ideas.  She’s a health and wellness coach, an empathetic listener and has a strong passion to help her clients feel great about their mind, body and spirit.  She’s a recruiter, a designer, a expert in many

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  • Kraft Your Success by Choosing Consciously

    by • on Mar 18, 11 • in Leadership, Professional Development, Self Awareness, Time & Productivity, Uncategorized • with No Comments

    There’s a lot of news that shocking in our world today and, of course, top of mind is the Tsunami that’s affecting thousands in Japan as well as the impact that it has on the rest of the world. What we expect in these times is that it’s in the news, it’s part of our conversations and it’s on our mind.  What I’m also noticing is the effect that tragedy has like this on the way that we think….. about our world, about our life and our work. Daily posts on Facebook, Twitter other social

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  • Leaders Inspire Action by Asking “Why”. Why? Read on!

    by • on Feb 8, 11 • in Coaching, Creativity & Innovation, Leadership, Professional Development • with No Comments

    The other week I had a great conversation with a digital advertising industry expert, Adam Kleinberg of Traction. We shared ideas and thoughts on all sort of subjects like creativity, innovation, leadership etc.  It was an all around great conversation that left me inspired. He told me about how his recent approach of starting with “ why” had made a difference in his recent client meeting.   In fact, he  blogged about it. It reminded me of a Ted.com talk I saw by Simon Shrek that I found extremely thought provoking.   In it, Simon

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  • Focusing your time: What’s really important to you?

    by • on Dec 14, 09 • in Time & Productivity • with No Comments

    I had the great honor of speaking to a group of senior advertising agency media executives at the iMedia Summit last week. The presentation was entitled:  “Maximizing your brain and energy at work.”.  The engagement and feedback around this topic was incredible.  No surprise, because we’re always trying to find ways to be smarter and more effective with how we spend our time at work (and in life).   But what struck me most was how many people talked honestly and humbly about how they’ve lost connection to what’s important in their work – simply

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