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  • How Often Do We Put People In a Box?

    by • on Apr 15, 10 • in Leadership, Professional Development, Self Awareness • with No Comments

    Here’s the scene: A full day workshop with 40 generation y’rs in the advertising industry in Fort Worth Texas.  We have been hired to provide training on the topics of Improving your Productivity and Supervision/Team Coaching.  My co-leader, Eve,  and I have built what we believe to be a fantastic day of learning, fun and training.  It includes a great balance of information (lecture), interactions, exercises and … well I was finally persuaded to incorporate a short body movement/dancing exercise.   Both of us being German (she more so than me as she has just moved here

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  • Out of the Box” Thinking

    by • on Oct 10, 08 • in Creativity & Innovation • with No Comments

    From a place of possibility, what can you create? We spend so much of our day in limitation.  The organizations we work for create our roles and positions, and we structure our days from a place of routine, familiarity and boundaries – within the walls.  Even though we may be challenged to think “out of the box”, it may still be within reach.  Even in the most creative realms, occupations and workplaces, there are often limits, client, boss’s, ego’s, politics, budgets, peers, time etc that limit the degree of how far “out of the box&#

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