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  • Kraft Your Success by Leveraging Your Strengths

    by • on Oct 24, 12 • in Career, Career Coaching, Career Transition, Coaching, Leadership, Professional Development, Uncategorized • with No Comments

    “What are 3 things you do really well that differentiate you from others?” I asked my client last week.   She is in a sales position in a technology company and is in the process of working toward a new leadership role.   We were discussing how to improve her executive presence. “I don’t know” she said and then caught herself because she knows that the next question I’ll ask her is “well, if you did know, what would at least one of them be”?  She laughs and reframes.  “I’ve always had solid relationships with my clients. 

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  • The “Softer Side” of Leadership

    by • on Nov 23, 09 • in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Professional Development, Uncategorized • with No Comments

    Tough times require “softer” leaders.  Having strong emotional intelligence is critical for leadership success. In an interview with Tom Field of Information Security Media Group, I talk about how today’s senior leaders need to focus more on emotional intelligence and other “soft” qualities to be able to better recruit and retain quality employees. Questions specifically addressed are: Which “soft” skills are most important? How can managers and employees alike can change a culture to embrace these skills? Where to start to develop and nurture “softer” leaders? A few ideas and tips are shared in the transcript

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  • Welcome to Kraft Your Success

    by • on Sep 30, 09 • in Leadership • with No Comments

    Welcome to Kraft Your Success!  We work with individuals and teams to bring more productivity, fulfillment and ultimately happiness to your work. There are a few ways we can help: Read the blog articles – post your own thoughts and experiences. Share with your team members and others. Learn about how Kraft Your Success can help you become more successful in your role, your work and your career – by clicking on the various offerings on the right of this site. To Kraft-ing your success! Be authentic, fully kraft your passion, inspire others and celebrate

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