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  • Kraft Your Success by Discovering What You Love

    by • on May 3, 11 • in accountability, Career, Career Transition, Coaching, Professional Development • with No Comments

    It’s weeks like these when I simply love what I do.  I get to help people find their dream work! Last week my client arrived “not wanting to look for a job” and in the  middle of our work she realized it was because she wanted to start her own business.  Our one hour meeting turned into a 2 hour brainstorming session which I was thrilled to extend because she was on FIRE with energy.  She walked out with a framework for an idea and the beginning of an action plan to begin investigating it

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  • More engagement at work…what are you waiting for?

    by • on May 27, 10 • in Career, Leadership, Professional Development • with No Comments

    The recent WSJ.com article “More Workers Start to Quit” states that “in February the number of employees voluntarily quitting surpassed the number being fired or discharged for the first time since October 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” The article also indicates that the number of employees quitting could continue to grow in the coming months.   Apparently, people were waiting to see more jobs show up as possibilities before they made a move.  Makes sense.  In fact, 60% of workers said they intended to leave their jobs when the market got better &#

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  • Berlin Wall – A reminder about freedom and choice

    by • on Nov 9, 09 • in Career • with No Comments

    I remember when the Berlin Wall came down.  I was in an Irish bar in Australia.  I didn’t believe anyone until I saw it on TV.  It seemed surreal. Growing up in the U.S. with a father who had escaped from East Germany, I was always very aware of the impact the war and the wall had had in his life.   30 years ago or so my dad took our family to Europe for a month.  We spent about 2 out of  4 weeks of that trip in East Germany.  I remember it feeling like

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