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Transformational Leadership Coaching

The new leadership paradigm is already shifting. Become a leader who is prepared and leading from the future!

We’ve added new tools and methods that help you and your team become better equipped to navigate the ever-changing workplace.

Here’s what transformational leaders do:

  • They are always evolving and refining their leadership edge: They tap into their innate leadership style and know how to overcome blocks and obstacles.
  • They know how they work best: They explore their unique strengths and motivations, how they communicate and respond to others, and their most efficient and productive style of operating.
  • They know the impact of their current work environment: They are clear on how they perceive a work environment and its impact on stress, energy and satisfaction levels.
  • They embrace the ability to shift: They have an ongoing capacity to adapt and adjust their behaviors and actions to be more effective in their role and interactions.

Let us help you and your team be at the forefront of that leadership edge!

This program includes a unique combination of self-assessment tools, a team assessment tool, and ongoing 1:1 customized coaching.

Contact heidi@kraftyoursuccess.com or 415 810 6223 for more information.

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