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Kraft Your Success by: Identifying What Drives You and Your Team

Identify What Drives You and Your Team

Discovering Why You Really Want What You Want.

Part of the critical work that’s created in Maximizing Productivity:  Discovering What’s Important provides the foundation for another important question.  Why is this important to you?

The workplace landscape is changing quickly and dramatically.  In order to be successful in our careers, we need to evolve with these shifts.   What got us here won’t necessary get us there!

People see what’s important to us by our actions and what we prioritize. Sometimes these priorities need to be redefined, spruced up, tweaked or just rethought.  And that can require that we change.

Change is hard.  Without a clear desire, passion, intention or commitment to our goals, they often fall by the wayside.

Why is that?  There can be many reasons, but often it’s because there wasn’t a “good enough” reason to make the effort to change.   Clearly identifying that reason and connecting it to a bigger purpose can significantly shift the pace and success rate of achieving our goals.

The Identifying What Drives You Workshop helps you and your team gain more clarity on why you want what you want.  What’s the external motivation?  More importantly, what’s the intrinsic motivation?  Vision, goal setting and dreams can lose momentum if we don’t know deep down why we want to reach them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover what’s important to you.  What are you willing to prioritize?
  • Uncover why it’s important to you.
  • Determine what’s compelling enough to help you to change, take the leap, reach the goal
  • Learn interesting new theories and scientific studies about motivation
  • Understand how the 21st century work environment isn’t necessarily compatible with our management practices
  • Discover common mistakes that managers make in trying to motivate employees

Suggest workshop duration:  Half or Full Day

Each workshop is flexible in length and can be customized for your organization.

Contact heidi@kraftyoursuccess.com or call 415-810-6223 to learn more about  how Kraft Your Success workshops can help your organization.


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