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Kraft Your Success by: Maximizing Your Productivity

Maximize Your Productivity

Identifying What’s Important to Your Work/Career and Creating the Space to Make it Happen

It’s an understatement to say that we’re in a time of intense information overload.  Email, Facebook, Twitter…plus the increasingly faster pace of the business can send us into a tailspin.  From working with clients on work/life balance, productivity and career goal setting, to name a few, there are consistent themes about what suffers.  Often it’s the “big stuff” like work relationships, big picture vision, innovation, connection and meaning in our work that take a back seat.  Yet these are critical for success and our fulfillment.

Equally important is that the way in which we manage our time has a huge impact on how we are perceived as leaders, managers, employees.  Ask yourself:  How do you want to be perceived in your role?  What do you want to make time more time for? These are just some of the questions that will be explored.

The Maximizing Your Productivity Workshop helps you and your team become more effective at managing time by uncovering what’s important – the “big stuff”.  We then focus on becoming skilled at creating the space to reach your defined goals. Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the impact of the fast-paced/multi-tasking environment on your work, your leadership and the organization
  • Learn how your brain and energy works as it relates to your current environment
  • Uncover how you spend your time on a day-to-day basis
  • Identify the key priorities and align choices
  • Learn best practices for creating the space to focus on key priorities
  • Explore time management best practices
  • Discover the importance of designing alliances with teams/clients – the improve productivity
  • Set specific actions items and develop an accountability approach to achieve your goals

“I found this seminar to be quite helpful, especially the portion on managing in a multitasking environment.  Many of the tips I received, discussed, and developed during the lecture I have employed to this very day. Not only that, they have helped me effectively manage a huge workload, improving not only my quality of work, but quality of life as well.”  Nick, Search Media

Suggest workshop duration:  Half Day

Each workshop is flexible in length and can be customized for your organization.

Contact heidi@kraftyoursuccess.com or call 415-810-6223 to learn more about  how Kraft Your Success workshops can help your organization.

Click here for sample exercises and tips: Maximizing Productivity


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