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Kraft Your Success by: Becoming an Authentic Leader

Kraft Your Success by:  Becoming an Authentic Leader

Uncover Your Values and Strengths as a Leader

What is authentic leadership?

No one can be authentic by trying to imitate someone else.  You can learn from others’ experiences, but there is no way you can be successful when you are trying to be like them.  People trust you when you are genuine and authentic, not a replica of someone else” Harvard Business Review: Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew McLean, Diana Mayer

Leadership has many voices.  You need to be who YOU are, not try to emulate somebody else”.  – Former GE executive

In 2005, HBR conducted one of the largest in-depth study of authentic leadership.   They survey 125 CEOs of major companies – from Novartis to HP etc.

In this study they uncovered the critical factors and actions that create an authentic leader.

  • Frame their life stories in ways that allow them to see themselves not as passive observers of their lives but rather as individuals who can develop self-awareness from their experiences.
  • Act upon that awareness by practicing their values and principles.
  • Careful to balance their motivations so that they are driven by their internal values as much as their external rewards and recognition.
  • Keep a strong support team around them, ensuring that they live integrated, grounded lives.

Based on this study as well as several other cutting edge leadership theories, examples, and models, the Becoming An Authentic Leader Workshop will explore what it means for you to be an authentic leader

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the meaning of authentic leadership
  • Uncover what it means to be an authentic leader in the new work arena
  • Explore your own story and what has shaped you as a leader
  • Identify the values and principles that drive and shape you
  • Further refine and discover your own strengths as well as those in your organization

Suggest workshop duration:  Half or Full Day

Each workshop is flexible in length and can be customized for your organization.

Contact heidi@kraftyoursuccess.com or call 415-810-6223 to learn more about  how Kraft Your Success workshops can help your organization.


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