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New Workshop: Negotiating for Women: Move From Avoiding to Confidently Embracing It! »


Workshops and training are another great way to bring value to several employees at the same time.

All workshops include training as well as individual and group exercises that help participants explore and learn in an inviting and dynamic atmosphere. They are informative, experiential and interactive. Learning and action is created in a meaningful, yet fun way.

Sample workshop offerings are:

Kraft Your Success by: Maximizing Your Productivity

Kraft Your Success by: Identifying What Drives You and Your Team

Kraft Your Success by: Becoming an Authentic Leader

New workshops are created on an ongoing basis.

Kraft your Success will customize all training and workshops to suit the needs of your organization. We are also open to suggestions and ideas.

Call for pricing and to get started today! 415 810-6223. heidi@kraftyoursuccess.com


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